Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day at the Zoo

We finally have internet again! It went out last Wednesday in the storm, along with the TV, and both were finally fixed yesterday evening. Not having TV wasn't really that bad, but not having internet was not fun! So this week, I'll be catching up on the posts I've been wanting to share, including four yummy recipes we've tried in the past week... Pinterest has been ON lately. :)

...At the end of last week, I took a trip to the Atlanta Zoo with my sis-in-law, my nephew Jackson, and my friend Andrea and her baby, Teagan. Surprisingly, this was my first time to the Zoo. And if you know me at all, you know I get a little immature giddy when I see any type of wildlife. So a trip to the zoo is a pretty big deal for this 20-something girl. I've tried to play it cool (like when we went on this trip with friends who didn't know about my crazy wildlife love) because I know it's totally inappropriate for someone my age to get so excited about animals, but I've come to realize I just can't help it. There are worse traits, right?!

On our way! All three kids in the back ;)

First stop- the elephants

So what's better? 

A. A picture of the babies looking at the elephants...


B. A picture of the moms standing in front of the elephants, signing "elephant" to the babies while making an elephant noise?

I vote B.

Little lion #1

Little lion #2

And a double shot- we're pretending like Jackson is roaring like a lion ;)

(Yes, I refrained from this part. Were you expecting to see a "little lion #3"? See, I do have restraint.)

This is the mama with her baby...

...and this is me intently looking for the mama and her baby. Andrea snuck this gem. 

In other news, I'm working with a great person on a new blog design for this space! I can't wait to debut the new look and share her info with you! And you know what the best part is? She's going to give away a FREE blog design to one of you guys! Can't wait to share more about this...

Hope you're having a GREAT week!!


  1. Haha, love it all. And WHY did we not think of getting your picture with the lion sign?!? Ahh, next time we will! :)

  2. LOVE the zoo! SO miss the Fort Worth Zoo! Now let me get this straight...this was your first time EVER to a zoo? Or first time to this zoo? Surely the second.
    Looks like fun and you are so silly.

  3. steve and i were just talking about if piper is too young to really "care" about the zoo. now i REALLY want to take her in the next month or two. these photos are adorable. i love the one of jackson roaring. :) what cuties!