Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

We're back from our weekend getaway, and I can't WAIT to share all of the details from our trip! Ugh, I don't think we've ever had such a hard time leaving a place. It was a little slice of heaven that ended too soon! I'll share all about it later this week, but today, I wanted to recap our 4th of July.

We started off our morning walking up to the Peachtree Road Race- it's one of the largest races in the US with 60,000 runners! My mom, stepdad, and sister all ran the race, so Matt, Tally, and I went up to cheer them on!

After the race, we went over to Matt's sister's house and spent the afternoon there. Then we came home, made dinner, packed for our trip, and watched Saving Private Ryan before heading to bed. We definitely made the most of the day despite the blah weather!

He wasn't too sure if he wanted to go on an early morning walk

The very beginning of the race- these are the pros. ;)

My sis!



Random racers who wanted to stop for a pic with Tally- ha! Love his face- "really, are we doing this?"

Heading home

Papa and my sis standing with a 7'2" peach

Tally after the big morning- this was the first time he wanted to nap outside of his crate- sweet buddy

Heading to Karen's house

Jackson and Papa playing peek-a-boo

Banana Pudding recipe here


... but still holding on to the water glass

Emmie and Jackson dancin

Loves his mama!

A new ball from Aunt Karen!

Getting ready for our own little parade since the real one was cancelled :)

Look at Tally watching Jackson- buddy took an on-and-off nap for 3 hours!

Hope you had a great 4th too!


  1. Great pictures! Favorites of course are of your sleeping honey and the sweet puppy. And I am very jealous of the fact that you have on a jacket! It is so stinking hot and humid here!

  2. Oh Tally is SO squishy and adorable!! Glad you had a great 4th! Ours was rainy too but it didn't stop us from being in the pool :)

  3. aaah! tally is PRECIOUS!!!! eeeee! so cute.what a fun race, too! we always do the Turkey trot on thanksgiving - I love doing races on holidays! :D

  4. I love your red blouse ALMOST as much as I love your adorable doggie!! {Sorry, Tally is going to win every time. Look at the fluffy hair and sweet face!!} The wagon was also really cute. What a blessed 4th you had!


    {My little blogging break is over. See current post.}

  5. i can't wait to read/see photos of your beautiful getaway! i've been loving your IG photos!! so glad you and matt had such a relaxing time!
    what a happy, relaxing 4th! the photos of tally are ADORABLE as always!
    the one of matt sleeping holding onto the water glass made me laugh - that's been me many nights lately.
    the peachtree race looks like it is so much fun! <3<3
    wishing you a happy tuesday, heather! xoxox

  6. What a fun day and great post! That puppy is a heart breaker! So adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by Project Inspire{d}!