Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#Summerdays2013 Week 8

Day 50: Prayers before bed and playtime before dinner with our super sweet weekend visitors. :)

Day 51: Our "niece" Teagan turns ONE! 

Day 52: We were all missing these three on Sunday afternoon. Tally is laying where Little Miss E's pack-in-play was. Sweetness.

Day 53: My sous chef- always at my feet. And I love it, if you haven't noticed. ;)

Day 54: Putting the finishing touches on our dinner for 11! The largest full dinner I've ever made for sure- I'll be sharing the recipes next week!

Day 55: Headed to Tally's first obedience class! Little buddy did GREAT!

He was picked to show "come" to the whole class- he was the only pup that got to be an example! We were quite proud. haha- yes we're those dog parents. ;)

Day 56: Nonna (aka my mom) sang Tally to sleep in the car. Sweetest thing ever!

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  1. That picture of your big meal looks AMAZING. Can't wait for the recipe

  2. What an amazing meal! The puppy is getting so big!!!

  3. i love the photo of tally at your feet looking up at you like "mama, please drop some food!" :)
    you live a beautiful life. <3<3<3