Thursday, March 29, 2012

1/2 Marathon in Atlanta!

Let's clarify right off that bat- I don't really run. Ever. Okay, sometimes I run. But overall, I'm a walker, and here's why:

How can you not bust out laughing when you see that?! Yes, that's me, so 13.1 miles is completely out of the question!

My sister, on the other hand, is a rocking runner with a rocking I-have-had-two-kids-and-still-have-abs body. She IS the first picture! 

So two weekends ago she ran the Publix half marathon in Atlanta, and Matt and I went down to cheer her across the finish line before church. 

It's amazing how cheering people on at an event like that can give you this overwhelming sensation of "I could DO this!" And then you leave and remember you hate running, and your knees have somehow aged 5 times faster than the rest of your body and will make you pay if you attempt to run on anything but a treadmill for any distance farther than a 5k, and you'll spend the next few days walking like your whole body is nearing 100, not just your knees, and you'll say things to your class like, "sorry guys, I'm a little slow on the stairs, go ahead to your next stopping point". . . . or maybe that's just me. :)

Here are some pics from the morning!

Here she comes! (black sports bra, blue shorts)

See?! Picture one from above. She is so picture-one that she picked up gummy bears at some point during the race (probably some sort of healthy energy gummy they passed out to the racers as they ran by) and held on to them to give to Noah and Maddox when she saw them 10-something miles later. Picture one. :)

There she goes for the strong finish!

Running their own race while they wait for my sister to meet up with us!

Such a competitor! These were her goal times for each mile- love it!
Mine would say this:
Chat with people cheering you on from the sidelines


This precious girl is Sophia from our kindergarten class at church! My mom, sister, and I were posing for our picture when she ran up and jumped in right as it was being taken! I had no idea she was even at the race, nor did she say hi initially- just jumped in and smiled! HA! Love it.

Proud of their mama! Look at Noah's toothless smile! ;)


  1. That's pretty amazing! I wish I was a runner. I like my elliptical right here in my living room haha. One day, I do want to attempt a marathon though.

  2. That's awesome!

    I'm the same way...definitely not a runner!

  3. i loved this post and all the love and joy shining through your photos! congratulations to your sister! wow...she has one rockin' body!
    her sons are so adorable and so proud of her...too cute. and that little girl...adorable <3
    i hope you and the mr enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend <3

  4. Oh wow, good for her! You must have been proud and how nice of you guys to cheer her on :) I love running, but haven't done it in a long time (oops hehe). That picture at the top of your post made me crack up LOL. Love the last picture of you and your siser, so cute! :)