Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up and Blog Debuts

This weekend, Matt's Aunt Leslie and cousin, Abby, came through Atlanta on their way back from visiting different colleges. Where did they go on two of their visits, you ask? Furman and Clemson! It's only fitting really, since they are two of the BEST schools you could possibly attend in one of the nicest states in all of the United States (really, it won the award at some point I'm sure).

Abby had two requests for their afternoon in Atlanta. Eat lunch at Souper Jenny (of COURSE!), and make her blog debut. HA! I love it. I can understand the second request since this blog is read by millions each week. ;) SO, we decided to make the blog debut picture come from Souper Jenny. Perfect! Here it is!

Abby- it's official. You will forever be a part of the blog archives. :)

Love you, dear! I'm hoping our future blog pictures will involve lots of orange and purple, with action shots of us yelling together, "Go Tigers!!!!" Ahhh. . . yes, what a vision. :)

In other news......... 

Wait for it............

We got a new fancy camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On second thought, that probably was a build up more appropriate for a pregnancy announcement, but I've been uncontrollably excited about this purchase, so we'll go with it.

Take a look at this beauty.

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! (that should be read like a part in a movie involving angels and bright lights, not the screaming kind of "ahhhhhhh". Almost like a "ha-le-lu-jah", if you will.) You with me?!

And in other, other news, we have taken the first step toward crossing off a number of things on our To-Do list for the backyard. Which, in reality, should probably receive the same reaction as above. But, considering the fact that we have NO idea how much yard glorification costs, I'm trying to keep myself calm. I did, however, sneak a picture of our "visionary" jotting down notes as he assessed the situation that is our back yard. I would have loved to be in his head as he looked at what he had to work with. I peeked at him through the kitchen window a few times as he stood there with one hand on his hip. I feel you, buddy. I've stood in that same spot with that same demeanor a NUMBER of times.

We'd like to have the fence replaced first, then move the random circle of stones to the back corner where the original fire pit is (remember when THAT was uncovered?!), have some sort of grass laid (I know it's tough to tell (ahem, sarcasm), but that green there on the ground in actually 100% weeds.), create a little patio/fire pit area, a low wall outlining the yard with some plants/landscaping inside, and then have pavers put over the now-standing cement patio area.

Hence, why I've been trying to get on a TV show for the past year so that we could have it all done for free. But that's not working out too well, so I figured an estimate of what each project would cost couldn't hurt.

He'll get back to us later this week with his ideas and a cost-estimate. We shall see!!!


  1. YAY!!! :) YAY!
    I'm so happy for you. And can't wait to see all your pretty pictures!!!!
    Sounds like a sweet weekend!
    I hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! LOVE the camera!! YAY! I have a Canon Rebel T1i and love it...hubby surprised me with it before Christmas hehe. You'll enjoy it I'm sure ;)


  3. Beautiful pictures Heather! Oh, how I love your new camera. All the best with the plans for your yard. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I am on the fence over Nikon and Canon. What made you pick Canon?
    I am anxious to see what you guys do with the backyard. My husband's business is backyard renovations so I love seeing the changes. They do more patio arbors, but it makes the whole backyard change. Good is FUN to do new things!