Thursday, September 15, 2011

House Projects

Last weekend, Matt and I got inspired to do a couple of projects around the house. The first was one that had been lingering for a little while. So when the package arrived with our new bamboo shades, we were ready to get them up! To Katie, Graham, and Teague and Brooke, sorry these weren't up BEFORE your visits! Next time you come to stay with us, your room will not have a wide-open view. :)

We found these online at Home Depot. They were very reasonable! Here's the link if you're looking for some for yourself.

The door leading into the guest room- love this door, but it's not exactly private!

It is also right off of the living room, so it needed some coverage!

The view looking out to the living room

Here goes!


In case you can't tell, you can't see the inside of the room. :)

And this is how we'll keep them when we don't have overnight-guests. I like to door too much to cover it all the time!

The next project is thanks to Matt's mom, who gave us a mirror they were no longer using in their house. We were thrilled! I feel like our little hallway is now complete. Thanks, M!

The corner table and vases were gifts from our moms too! We set them up on our last house project day. This is how we had it set up before we had the mirror.

My mom gave us this pretty vase. Once the mirror was up, I thought it would look better to rearrange a little. The vase and mirror really complemented each other well!

I had an extra candle and vinyl sticker from this project.

Got any good simple house makeovers you want to share?! Leave me a comment with the link!


  1. You are such a cute couple! Great job! I love the wood blinds and candle...Pretty!
    I would love a follow back. Have a super week end!

  2. I love your little hallway. We're in the process of buying our first house so I love watching other people decorate and get some good ideas.

  3. Nice!

    We're currently renting, so we are not working on house projects yet. We are definitely working on stuff around the house though. Our big project right now is cleaning out the closets and getting ready to move next year.

  4. Those blinds are gorgeous! We have an office that I was hoping to use as a guestroom for some guests who will be staying with us but wasn't sure what to do about the glass doors. Those are PERFECT! I'll have to check them out. Thank you!

  5. Followed you here from the Sundae blog hop. I love how you used little items to create an environment in the hallway. We have been in our new home for just over a year and have not had the finances to really do anything except paint two rooms that really needed it. I love to see what others are doing and gain inspiration.

  6. great blinds - and a wonderful mirror, such a conversation piece!


  7. I love reading and hearing other families, couples home projects. I love the mirror in the hallway and the candle with the table made it look perfect! I am excited to what else you have to share. : )

    Following you from the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop. Have an awesome rest of the week!