Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday felt like five years haven't passed. Except for the part where we drove two hours to the game and didn't go back to our on-campus apartment afterward. Oh, and the part where we were talking about babies, work, and insurance at that tailgate. Ha! Other than that, it definitely felt like we were back in the glory days of college.

Me, Mea, and Steph. . . we missed you Dre and Brit!

It was a great game, and an exciting win for the Tigers! The final score was 35-30. Matt was a super sweet even though his team took the loss. I was glad it was a close game! I hate to speak it out loud, but Clemson is off to a really great start this year! I'm hoping we can keep it going next week against VT!


  1. It was a great game!! Except for the disappointing loss for my team. :( But, congrats to Clemson!

  2. Looks like a fun day at Clemson!