Monday, September 5, 2011

Tennis Championships!

Matt and I both play tennis, but only one of us makes it to the championship match of playoffs every. single. season. Can you guess who that might be?! . . .yes, that would be Matt. In fact, one of us does not even make the playoff rounds every season- haha. . . by process of elimination, that would be ME. So this time, I figured I would bring my camera, because he is so stinking GOOD, it needs to be documented. :) So here goes! Oh, and it's worth noting that in my head, this is how I look when I play tennis. . . although there's a reason why there aren't pictures of me playing in the championship match. :)

Walking out for warmups

The day was beautiful! . . .just a little hot (understatement).

Water break! See that score to the left?! This was the end of the first set.

The end. . . victory!

Such a good sport, letting me take the victory pic. :)


  1. Congratulations, Matt! We're so proud of your championship :)

    Heather, thanks for capturing such great pictures of "Your Champion"!


    Mama & "Papa"

  2. How fun!
    I wanted you to know that you have won the Versatile Blogger Award because I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. You are featured here: