Monday, April 25, 2011

First Weekend Guest!

This past weekend, Matt's cousin Graham came to stay with us.  He's a freshman at Ole Miss and came to spend the Easter weekend with us.  We loved having him!  We tried to take him to some good Atlanta spots in the short time we had.  We hit up Souper Jenny for lunch (if you're in Atlanta and have never been, you've got to go!) and then went to see Limitless at the Fork and Screen by our house- such a good movie!  If you've never been to a dine-in theater, it's like the modern-day drive-in (wow, that's a lot of hyphens in one sentence).  Very fun!  Sunday was spent with both of our families. It was a great weekend!

All the cousins at Nonna's and Papa's

Maddox, love :)


 My sister, Gretchen

My stepbrother, Brian 

Easter Egg Hunt!

Nell and Fieldon

Rosalyn and Noah

Brian's wife, Jennifer and my stepsister Kathryn's husband William with the in-laws :) 

The girls! 

 Love my hubby :)

Nonna and Papa and the Easter Bunny Cake!

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