Friday, August 12, 2011

Prayers for Caden

Matt and I have known Adam and Becca Stanley since high school. This past week, they welcomed their second baby, Caden Thomas, into the world. About an hour after delivery, the doctors realized something was wrong with Caden's heart. They soon learned that Caden would need Open Heart Surgery to survive. Adam, Becca, and all of Caden's doctors did not want to waste any time. Caden received a successful surgery Monday morning (praise Jesus!), but still needs our constant prayers as he recovers in the CICU. Please pray for him, for Adam and Becca, and their sweet little girl, Jayci. Jayci is almost three and has been praying herself that he little brother would "feel better soon". Their family's faith throughout this entire process has been absolutely amazing. They love the Lord with every ounce of their bodies, and believe that God is 100% in control of this situation. Even Becca's recent post shows that they're seeing God's faithfulness in spite of their current fears.

Here is a picture of Jayci participating in a prayer vigil for her brother. She is the one sitting up tall in the middle.

And here is baby Caden.

Both Adam and Becca work in ministry (see episode 3) in the inner city of Atlanta.  They recently (as in closed two weeks ago) bought a house in the heart of where they do ministry so that they could fully be a part of the lives they want to reach. In fact, right after they closed on their house, Becca felt the Lord calling them to offer up their spare bedroom to a 14-year old pregnant girl who they met through their ministry. She wrote so honestly about her fears and doubts, but knew that God's calling for them was clear. Their blog is a weekly challenge to my own faith, to trust the Lord in the smallest and largest areas of my life.

From a monetary standpoint, ministry is not exactly a high-paying job. And as you can imagine, the hospital bills associated with Caden's surgery and recovery are far more than what they can handle on their own. Aside from our prayers, there is an opportunity for us to help their family financially during this time. If you are in a position to contribute financially, please follow the link here.

Thanks for letting me share about this sweet, sweet family. And thank you for praying!

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