Friday, April 7, 2017

Life Lately- tennis, parks, Legoland, playdates and a DAY DATE!

Hooray for FRIDAY!

Here's a little Life Lately for you. We've had some pretty simple days lately, which are my favorite honestly. And since I haven't posted a Life Lately post since mid-March, this one is a long one- so sorry in advance for the picture overload.

Watching daddy play tennis on Saturday mornings is our new favorite way to start the weekend. The kids watch during warmups and usually see a few points of the actual match, and then we spend the rest of the time playing on the play ground or eating snacks in the watching area.

Two weeks ago, we got to go on a DAY DATE thanks to Matt's sweet sister and her hubby! We have decided that day dates are the most amazing things ever and that we need to work them in wayyyy more often. We dropped the kiddos off at Karen and Jay's after naps on Sunday, drove down to Ponce City Market, and walked around, talked, and ate for FOUR whole hours. FOUR! It was crazy! And the kids had so much fun playing with their cousins while we were gone:

Big boys pushing the girls at the park
Nonni Girl practicing her walking with her Uncle Jay

The big boys catching Miss Riley on the slide

Ryan and Riley playing princess 😂

Bath time! (Yes they were bathed and ready for bed when we picked them up- glorious!!)

Partyyy!!  Thanks Aunt KK and Uncle J! You guys are the BEST!

We had Ryder's 2nd birthday party last weekend- Mickey themed- and these two had so much fun playing. We can't wait for Natalie to take off walking so she can navigate the mulch on the playgrounds more comfortably!

Matt came home early from work last Thursday and we set out to the park and playgrounds and then went for sno cones at a little shop near our house. This was Natalie's first time riding on her daddy's shoulders and she thought it was pretty great. :)
They loved this more than it looks 😂

Sno cones and Jenga! (aka building/eating tall towers out of blocks)

Sharing snacks at a playdate with Reynolds :)
Sweet love wanted to get up the ladder like all of the big kids and got frustrated that she couldn't do it by herself
Help me mama?! :)

Another week at tennis!

Monday morning, Andrea kept Ryan and Natalie while I went to my last barre class. So so sweet!
She sent me a picture and said that Natalie even joined them for a page of the book...
...and then she was off again (a whole page though!) 😜

Posing for her Aunt Dre
And showing off her new trick

Wednesday morning, we took the kids to Legoland, and before we left, I wanted to double-check that all of the carseats were installed safely (we have three installed in the back now and Natalie is in her big girl seat!). So this turned into a pajama party in the car before we all got ready to leave.

Natalie was ev-er-y-where and only wished she could do everything her brother did. Girlfriend is going places when she figures out how to walk. ;)

Silly selfies with my diaper only girl :)

We went to a new haircut place right by our house (we've been driving back to Buckhead because I'm a little crazy about his haircuts and loved the lady that cut his hair- I'm also fully aware that this is nuts and that he is 2). So we tried out this new place yesterday and loved it!
And this little miss was all smiles and poses while her brother was such a big boy in the hair cut chair.

Whew sorry that was a long one. Hope you guys have a great weekend! We're heading to tennis in the morning and then having some friends over for a Master's party tomorrow afternoon. Then we have our nephew Jackson's birthday party on Sunday, so it should be a fun and full weekend!



  1. Where is Legoland? Sam has been begging us to take him there, but i thought it was in California or something!

    1. There is one in Phipps Mall in Atlanta! I will say it's not nearly as cool as Orlando or California but definitely more driveable. Plus you've got a place to stay if you need it. ;)

  2. Ugh, I wish there was a haircut place like this where we live. George HATES getting his hair cut, and I think that a kid friendly place with these decorations would help so much. There is a LegoLand in Kansas City that I really want to try out. It looks like so much fun!