Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2017 Masters Party

Every year, our group of friends get together to watch the Masters and eat all of the yummy food that you can find at the event. And each year, it has become less and less about the food and the actual tournament and more about the kids being able to wear themselves out playing- and this year that was definitely the case!

These pictures of Ryan and Reynolds are from our Masters party two years ago. They were babies!!!

We had a total of 8 adults and 8 kids over on Saturday and we all said that maybe next year we should get a couple of babysitters and let the kids run wild in the basement and outside while the adults ate sitting down and actually watched some of the tournament while having conversations. Such a crazy thought to eat, watch and talk, right?!

This is the stage we are in right now though and we all know it's going to fly by faster than we'd like. Matt and I were so glad to host this year and felt so thankful to be in a house that accommodates chaos- hah! We seriously felt so happy seeing all of the kids (and dads!) play in the yard together. It was such a fun night!

Uncle P reading to Ryan and Reynolds before dinner

We got all of the kids on the porch and I think planned to all sit down at the inside table to eat where we could still see the kids, but I think all of us ended up eating standing up since the kids ate their food so fast and were ready to play again!

When I came back downstairs from putting Natalie down (sweet love couldn't make it past her typical 6:00 bedtime), I looked outside and saw this and my heart was so happy! This is what we pictured when we first walked through this house and knew that we wanted it before even setting foot inside.

Andrea was so great, keeping watch from the deck while the adults spent the first few minutes redirecting and reminding... and redirecting and reminding ;) that no one would be swimming that night. We were all in sweatshirts that morning, but these kids are so ready for swimming weather! Once everyone was herded to the grass and playing, we were good to go and the dads got to hang out and play football and the moms got to talk! Glory glory.

I swear you stand for a picture and Tally comes running to join. He does it all the time- smiles and everything. Such a funny dog.

We told the kids that we were going to have a jumping competition in hopes of getting them all in one place for a picture... (And please notice Patrick about the fall in the bushes in the background as he was running for the football 😂 )

The jumping idea sort-of-not-really worked (and Patrick survived)

And then this look from Dustin that said, "yeah that's not gonna work" ...so back to playing they all went.

Funny Tal found a patch of monkey grass to relax/pose?! in

While Ryan and Reynolds tried to gather people for ring around the rosie (and Matt got ready to chuck a football up to the deck- hah)

Sweet loves

Matt in the background- haha, such a kid 

The big girls put on a show for us
And then all of the little guys joined in

And then Steph got smart and bribed them all with jelly beans for a picture. ;)

Later that night, Andrea sent us all this text with the caption, "great party"

Oh man, even when it's crazy (maybe especially when it's crazy?!) we are so thankful to have these friends to do life with. And next year's party will have at least two more kids so we'll officially be outnumbered!



  1. Hi Heather! Love following you and your sweet family. What formula do you give your sweet Natalie? About to transition from breast milk to formula for my 9 month old. I'm hoping it yields similar sleep success!

    1. Hey Rachel! I used the Costco brand which my pediatrician said was just like Similac (and much cheaper!) Natalie always took it just fine and never needed it warmed. Maybe your little one will do the same?! It makes it so much easier when they'll drink it cold or at room temperature! It also made the switch to cows milk at 12 months easier since she was already used to it cold. And as far as sleep goes, I think some babies just love seeing their mama's at night. ;) Our first certainly did! But hopefully you'll see some improvement!