Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend & 30 Weeks

This weekend was so much fun. We played hard and crashed hard Sunday night. I would repeat the whole weekend again if we could!

Saturday Morning Egg Hunt:
I was 30 weeks on Saturday and was attempting to help Natalie with her first egg hunt but couldn't bend over to pick up the eggs fast enough so the sweet thing didn't end up with any! haha, luckily Ryan shared annnd she didn't know the difference. ;)

Ryan and Riley- such a pair these two. They get SO excited to see each other every time we're together.
Posing with Aunt KK!

Natalie with her Papa. She loves her Papa!

Checking out the loot

Cousin pic!

Easter Sunday Brunch:
Natalie's cheesy grin and Ryan's strong attempt to smile with his teeth together 😂

Mimi and Papa with the grandkids! (Ryan mid-spin)
(Natalie annoyed that Papa is holding her hand down from her mouth) 😂

And 3/4 looking/smiling! 

Pretty strong improvement from last year's grandkid photo:

Meeting the Easter Bunny

Look mom, I just stood up in my high chair! 😳😆 #soproud

Golf cart ride!
Natalie was so excited to be reunited with me and kept flapping her arms and repeating, "Dada! Dada! Dada!" The joy was there even if the name is always wrong 😜

Love this silly guy

These two have been holding hands quite a bit lately- they are so cute together!

The only thing that would make it even cuter is if they weren't cousins. 😜

Sunday Afternoon:
After naps, we opened Easter baskets and then my family came over for dinner and a little egg hunt in the yard!
Closing their eyes while they wait for their baskets to come out...
...and Tal knowing there's something for him too, hah

Matt and Ryan sampling a peep
Natalie and Nonna!
And Natalie, Nonna and Noah (that's a mouthful, hah!)

Bringing down the eggs!

Papa and Jeremy discovered a poor baby bunny in the overflow area of the pool. Luckily Ryan didn't see it!

Waiting for the next round of eggs to be hidden :)

Gigi practiced walking with Natalie while the boys searched for eggs :)
We all thought she was going to take her first step! Sweet love was so cute and careful.

Group pic where Tal missed the memo on which way to face

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!



  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter weekend & although you're 30 weeks I feel like you just popped or I've missed pictures in between. Just love the many expressions of Natalie! ��

    1. Thank you, Erin! I have certainly "popped" hah! Hoping these next 2 months don't continue the growth pattern of the last 2 weeks, haha. And yes to Natalie's expressions- she cracks us up!

  2. What fun. Loved reading about your Easter celebration...except for the irony of the poor baby bunny, ugh! Natalie's expressions are priceless, and I love all the family group photos! I'm so awful about taking pictures when family is together, but then again, I probably did when mine were small but now they're older and fight me on it, ha ha. ps: your dress is gorgeous and you look amazing. :)

    1. Thank you, Bethany! Hope you had a great Easter as well!

  3. Where do you find your maternity shorts and tank tops? So cute!

    1. Gap and Old Navy! I size up on tops/tanks and keep the same size in shorts/pants. And they're always running great sales!