Wednesday, August 17, 2016


On July 28, this big boy turned TWO!

We could not be more proud or love him any more.

He is sweet. He is kind. He is sensitive. He is FUN. He is always hopping, jumping, running, digging, or finding things to carry in each of his hands.

He loves to laugh and currently thinks that making up words in the funniest thing ever.

He loves to blow kisses, play on our bed with all of his "friends" from his crib, and prefers to "walk with his feet" instead of ride in the stroller.

He is navigating the world of doing things by himself and will break out in song when he needs to "try, try, try, try, try it again" or "keep trying, you'll get be-e-TER!" or "try to solve a problem yourself and you'll feel prou-ou-ou-oud" (Bless you, Daniel Tiger)

He is learning to ask questions instead of tell when he wants something, as well as practicing the ever-teachable lessons of speaking kindly, and saying please, thank you, I'm sorry,  and you can have a turn.

He is the SWEETEST big brother. He gets concerned when the sun is too bright on Nanni's face in the car, feels upset when she is crying, and typically searches for a paci as quickly as he can whenever she is fussing. One time she was having a harder-than-usual time falling asleep, and he was pacing our kitchen, holding her video monitor saying, "Nanni havin' tough time. Might need her paci, mama." She is one lucky girl to have him as her brother!

I love the way he likes to sit back and observe when he's in a new environment, and how he tries so hard to brave at church nursery even though he "feels a tiny bit nerbous" when we're walking in.

I want to freeze time and watch him grow all at once.

Man what a sweet two years it's been.