Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Natalie Grace- 5 Months

Our sweet girl turned 5 months on our trip!

She is, not surprisingly, the best little traveler. We have been oh-so-spoiled by her go-with-the-flow personality and love of people and sleep. She is our little Sweat Pea!

This has been a big month of change for The Little Miss. Her personality is really starting to show! She has started making the cutest little raspberry sounds with her mouth and loves when you make them back at her. She gets so excited when you smile at her and usually makes a quick, jerky movement with her whole body with a wide-open smile to show her excitement. We love how she'll often shove a fist in her mouth after giving that wide open smile- it is so funny!

Her other big milestones from this past month include rolling over both ways and sitting in her Bumbo chair!

She's also become very interested in Tally this month and loves to watch him when she's playing on her play mat. And Tal loves being close to her just like he did when Ryan was a baby.

Ryan is still the sweetest big brother, and she LOVES giving him big smiles and cackle sounds. They are so cute together!

Matt and I have been taking turns putting her down at night and reading her stories, but Matt often likes to do it because he loves to read to her in her rocking chair before bed. The sweetest.

Here are a few of her other moments from the past month!

Those eyes

That cheek :)

Feeding and snuggles with Reynolds!
We crack up at her stink eye! She's got a good one.

Playing at Nonna and Papa's- Ryan wanted "Nanni" to play in the pillows too :)

One of the cutest things she did when she was trying to roll over was lift both of her legs up and drop them to one side, almost as if she was building momentum to get all the way over. Then she'd usually fall asleep on her side.

Wide open, fist-in-mouth smile :)

Snuggles with Mrs. Lynn and Ginna!

First plane ride before and after!

The day she turned 5 months on our trip
Wide eyes for the sunrise in Maine!

We love our sweet girl so much and can't wait to watch her continue to grow!