Monday, July 7, 2014

Checking off an item from our life bucket lists

Saturday evening, friends of ours asked if we would be interested in using their tickets for the Braves' game since they weren't going to get back in town in time to go to the game. Matt and I said, "Sure!" and appreciated the offer, having no idea where the seats actually were.

It wasn't until we picked them up yesterday morning that we realized the sneaky little surprise our friends had set up for us.

These tickets were not just good seats. They were Suntrust Club level seats- the closest seats to homeplate in ALL of major league baseball! With valet parking, a private underground entrance, and all the food and beverages you can enjoy in a 3-hour time period (or 5 if you're us and get there 2 hours before game time).

Sitting in these seats were on both of our life bucket lists. It was seriously the coolest experience to be SO close to everything! We were on cloud nine the whole time and soaking in the whole experience. Ahhh. It will be hard to go back and watch the games any other way after that!

Like I said, we got there slightly before game time ;)
Braves general manager Frank Wren talking to manager Fredi Gonzalez in the dugout before the game
As excited as we've been for our little guy to arrive, we were laughing on the way down to the stadium saying, "Please don't come today!"
Getting ready to order in the underground restaurant area for Suntrust Club members- Ooooh! So fancy!
These were the appetizers from the "Action Stations" around the room in case you couldn't wait for the main course. ;) Everything was SO good!
Menu- I could write an entire blog post about that BBQ Brisket Quesadilia. Matt and I ordered THREE over the course of the game! Mmm so GOOD!

Whenever we looked hot, ushers would come by with trays of ice water, frozen lemonade, and ice cream to keep us cool. Or we could walk downstairs to the air conditioned restaurant and watch the game from in there if we needed to cool off. Tough life. :)

When we got home, we fast forwarded through the game to see if we could spot ourselves. Ha! Here's a couple of shots:

That's us right above the runner's helmet

So much fun. We're so thankful to our sweet friends for thinking of us and letting us experience the Braves in style!

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  1. I am so.freaking.jealous. I've always wanted to sit club level at Turner Field.

  2. That is so awesome! Looks like so much fun!

  3. OMG! those were GREAT seats! That's so cool that you got to sit there and enjoy the game from that view.

  4. You look so chill just sitting there during the game in your sunglasses. Your friends are so sweet to gift you guys with that right before little guy gets here.