Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend with my girls! (7 month old included) :)

Last weekend, Andrea and I drove up to Charleston to visit our friend Meagan and her sweet baby girl! Little E, as we like to call her, has gotten SO big! If you have even an ounce of baby fever, spend a few hours with little E, and you'll be ready to skip the whole pregnancy process altogether and just pop one right out! (Sorry, that got a little graphic.) 

Really?! Melt your heart.

Here she is getting ready to crawl! I missed the shot of Meagan and Chris on all-fours with E, showing her how to go from the rocking stage to full-fledge crawling. . . .haha, so wish I got that!

This picture actually carries a LOT of weight. Because, there is one very important surprise that revolves around why we entered this shop. :)

. . .And why Andrea just HAD to have something sweet, specifically Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms. . . .

. . .Right at that moment. Can you guess?!?!?!?!?!

(I'm giving you time to guess. . . .)

Got it yet?!

Because she is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've be dying to say it! And now I can! Because now, it is official!

And with her official announcement comes ones of the cutest new blogs you have ever seen. So swing by and tell her congrats and maybe give her a little "follow" too. It's fun to get new followers when you first start blogging (heck, it's still fun to get new followers!). Right?! In fact, I even shamelessly blogged about it once.

Back to E. :) Funny how you take less pictures of yourself with friends when there's a baby around. :)

Ahhh. . . here we are! Sort of. heheh. . . this is one of Meagan's trademarks. :) Love you, Mea!
(Speaking of, Meagan has started a new blog too! It will make you laugh out loud, and is filled with even more pictures of E, so why wouldn't you want to visit it?! Go check her out! And remember that "follow" thing. :)

Take two.

Dre and me with little McGuire (he/she will be visible in pictures starting in July. :) )

Family pic!

And the other family pic! hehe. . . yes, we are.

Seems like a three-day weekend every weekend would be a fantastic idea. Anyone else agree?!


  1. yes please, to 3 day weekends!

    omygoodness, baby e is adorable. i love her expressions.
    congratulations to your friend!! i will have to stop by her blog.

    beautiful photo of the 3 (4) of you at the end. it's a framer!!

    have a happy weekend!
    maria <3

  2. I agree...let's have three days every weekend!! Glad y'all had such a fun trip!

  3. Baby e is so precious!

    Congrats to your friend. I will have to check out their blogs. I love finding new blog friends. :)