Thursday, January 19, 2012

Calling all Scoutmobbers! (You don't want to miss this new blog!)

So last Thursday, Matt and I went to a cooking class and met a really cute newly-wed couple named Rion and Kate. You know how you can just click with some people?! Over the course of the three hour class, we just hit it off! And as we were sharing in the delicious meal we all got to make, we got to talking about life, jobs, where we went to school, etc. It was here that we learned about the really cool idea/dream/goal/business that Rion and Kate have started just in the last month. 

...First, I should say that Matt and I are the type of people who dream big, are business minded, and love the idea of being spontaneous risk takers. But when it comes to jumping on any of our inventions, apps, or business plans, we are s-u-p-e-r cautious. We laugh about how we see ourselves going off on a whim and trying something new in our minds, but in actuality, we like things comfortable, we like family, we like home, and we don't love change. WOW. I feel the need to explain that we actually are semi-cool people. . .

Anyway, Rion and Kate are like the "thinking" stage of our minds plus the "doing-something-about-it" stage that we never quite venture to. And their idea is GENIUS! 

Ready to know what it is?!

Okay, so have you ever used Scoutmob? It's similar to Groupon, Living Social, Sweet Jack, and the other "daily deal" sites that have come out, but with Scoutmob, you don't have to buy anything in advance. Instead, you get 50% off of the total bill (sometimes up to a certain amount) at the places listed on their weekly/monthly Scoutmob site. You can learn more here. Matt and I love it because it gets us to try new places without feeling like we may be wasting money if it's not good (see, there's that cautious thing again). 

SOOO... Rion and Kate are making our lives even EASIER because they have created a blog called ATL Mobbers where they write reviews on the Scoutmob places they visit, so that we don't even have to wonder whether it's worth the visit!! So genius! In fact, it is such a great idea, that in the first week of their blog going live, the founder of Scoutmob tweeted about their page! And restaurant owners have already caught on too, and have started offering them complimentary meals if they will write a review about their experience (don't worry, they make it clear that their reviews will be honest and will not be influenced by any extras tossed in with the regular deal).

As ATL Mobbers gets bigger and as Scoutmob expands (You can look here to see if it is in your city yet!), they hope to be able to travel to other cities to review their deals too- so cool!

So if you're a Scoutmobber, and especially if you live in Atlanta, check out Kate and Rion's site: ATL Mobbers. Make sure you leave a little comment if you do visit and follow them too! 


  1. Sounds like a win-win! Great idea!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  2. How wonderful! Being that I live in Atlanta and am an avid fan of scoutmob, I can't wait to head over and link up. You're right - this was a wonderful idea!

    Also, your profile is amazing similar to my husband & I's. He's in commercial real estate in Atlanta and I'm actually a professor at Georgia State University in the Early Childhood Education department. Any chance our paths have crossed?

    If you want to try to connect (even think of ways I can support your blog or even in your classroom), feel free to shoot me an email (

    P.S., Thanks for visiting and following See Beautiful. We're following you now too. ;)

  3. Oh, Heather, I also forgot to mention that my Pay It Forward post today is wonderful for teachers. You probably know about most of the sites, but thought I'd share anyway:

  4. I tagged you in a fun blogger game!