Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Times Two

I can imagine how parents feel on Christmas morning, because Matt and I were SO excited to give Noah and Maddox their gifts! The great thing about kids though, is that it's always the most random/surprising gifts that make them the most excited. For example, Noah and Maddox called us Christmas morning (one of my favorite calls of the whole year), and Maddox, who is three, couldn't contain himself much past "hello".  It sounded like this, "Merry Christmas! ...I got Silly Puddy!" ...hahaha, had my sister known that the Silly Puddy was going to be the big hit, she probably wouldn't have bought some of the other, more expensive items!

And remember how Noah has been so interested in photography and setting up photo shoots? Well, Matt and I were SO pumped to give him his own underwater digital camera. Who knew they even made those?! We also had some books, his first kid's Bible, and last-minute, we threw in a money counting bank that we saw when we were at Target. Wouldn't you know he went nuts over the bank?! Ha! Every time he put a coin in, he would tell us what his total was up to. He did get pretty excited about the camera too ;) and started taking pictures once all of his money was in the bank. :) But of all of the gifts, the bank was the one we were most unsure of giving! Too funny. 

So here are some pics from the day! I hope your Christmases were just as Merry! :)

Maddox with his new dolphin- he loves his snugglies

Noah with his new BB gun!

Safety Tips!

Maddox and I played a little laser tag. . .

. . .while Matt and Noah took target practice with the bow and arrow

Noah taking pictures with his camera! (Look at Maddox posing)

Love this sweet boy!

Now to Matt's family!

How cute is K?!

Jay opening his spy gear- haha, love it!

My cute new purse! Thanks, M! ;) 
(for those of you who don't know, that's what I call Matt's mom, NOT what I call Matt :))

These pictures are from Christmas Eve. Matt's Nanna and Grandpa came in town from Orlando!

Three generations- love this picture!

I'll leave you with a picture of Matt and I from 10 years ago- just for kicks. :) We look like babies!


  1. What a fun Christmas!! You guys are the best aunt and uncle any kid could ask for.

    And the picture of you guys from 10 years ago looks awesome. You both haven't aged at all!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. hi heather :) thank you so much for visiting my blog! so glad you did, you've got a sweet blog and family!
    i loved all your christmas pictures! the last one of your and your hubby is too cute. i LOVE looking back and am pretty much obsessed with pictures!
    a very happy new year to you!!
    looking forward to following <3