Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun Times with the Fam

This past weekend, we celebrated Matt's dad's birthday on Friday night, and then my mom's birthday on Saturday night! Matt's grandparents and cousins also came in town for the Friday celebration, so we had a family-filled weekend! Here are some pics from the visits:

Friday Night at Karen and Jay's

Matt's dad, Jay, and Karen

Nanna and Grandpa with Matt and his dad

Matt's Uncle Dave with his kid's, Rebecca and Blake.

Us with Nanna and Grandpa

Love this picture :)

I love this pic because you can see K's tiny baby bump! So cute! :) 

The girls :)

Saturday Night at My Sister's

Right when we walk in, Maddox says, "Uncle Matt, you play with me in my room a tiny bit?"


Love this :)

Noah has become quite the little photographer and decided to organize a little photo shoot in the back yard, hehe... precious!

Shot #1

#2- please look at Maddox's face- LOVES his Uncle Matt! 

#3 (Noah organizing: "Now I'LL get up in the tree with Aunt Heather")

hahah.... love this- for shot #4, he wanted Nonna up in the tree too, so he got her a step stool and was trying to help her up! hahah- my mom's such a good sport. I intervened and suggested she stand behind the tree. :)

Shot #4 :)

Love these boys!

Cake time! Noah got to put in all of the candles.

Guy time :)

Such a great weekend... I'm so glad both of our families live close enough for us to have fun get-togethers like this!


  1. Beautiful family pictures to remember a special time. I celebrated a birthday on Friday and my family and I got together on Sunday for a special lunch, ice-cream and cake. I only wish my identical twin was here to celebrate with me. Anyway I know she was there with me in spirit and wants me to be happy. Take care and all the best to you.

  2. Seeing your mom in that tree would have been quite interesting LOL.

  3. That photo shoot is so adorable! And I am so happy for Karen!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love to cook.

    Going to check out your Fabulous Food Friday Blog hop. Thanks for the information.



  5. Stopping by for the first time to say hello! I love your pictures. It makes me miss my family. We live in TX and my family lives in MA and I miss all of our get togethers. Luckily my Momma will be here next week :)

  6. I love family time (something I never had growing up)! Now that I have my own family, we strive to spend lots of family time together. My baby is only 9 months old, but I'm sure when he gets much older, he might not want to hang out with his parents so I'll take every minute I can get now!