Monday, June 4, 2018

Emily Merritt- 11 Months

We always call her our sweet Emily, because she is SO sweet!

This month, she learned a new trick, blowing raspberries, that she found to be so funny when she first learned how to do it. She would sit in this middle of our kitchen floor and make the noise and then laugh, make the noise and then laugh. So cute!

She has two new teeth and started eating in the big high chair this month (instead of her bumbo). She likes being pulled up to the table with us when we all eat together.

She also took her first plane ride this month when we traveled to San Diego! Sweet girl rocked both flights and really the entire trip!

She is pulling up on everything and likes practicing her walking while holding on to a surface. She also loves to dance! She will hold on to the coffee table and sway her head from side to side, or if she hears a song she likes in her car seat, she'll push her chest out to the beat- it is hilarious!

She still loves eating just about anything and has switched to preferring her bottles cold. Works for us! She tries so hard to keep up with Natalie and Ryan and loves when we all play on the bed together. She has even started initiating games with them, like pretending to give Natalie a paci or pulling a paci out of Natalie's mouth and then laughing. And with Ryan, she'll pull up on his back and climb over him and laugh. One night before bed, she laid her head on his chest and rested there for a bit- it was precious!

Here's a look at her last month:

Coffee table walking!

Last morning in the baby room at Waumba Land. She crawled to the gate to look for us and her sweet teachers snapped this pic.
We love Brian and Lea! They had Natalie too, so we've had a good run with them for the last 2 years!
First time in her high chair :)
She loves crawling over to Ryan and Natalie when they're eating, and they love feeding her! This pic cracked me up, as you can see she's standing on her tippy toes to reach Natalie's bite.
Celebrating Tally's birthday :)
Visits with Nonna!
At the park, she and Tally will watch from the sidelines as I take the big kids up to the slides. I have a feelings she'll want to be joining in before too long!
Getting ready for her first flight!
She crushed it.

Ice-cream face
Breakfast with a view :)
First time in the sand!
Flying home

First time swimming in our pool
Mother's Day
Happy girl showing off her four teeth!

We love you, Emily! And we can't wait to celebrate you turning ONE later this month!


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