Monday, June 18, 2018

Emily Merrit- ONE

Our sweet Emily is ONE!

She is learning so many new tricks like climbing the stairs, standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, waving hello and bye-bye, signing "all done," nodding her head "yes" to answer questions, and tucking her arms behind her ears to say "soooo big!"

This month she has taken extra interest in Tally and loves to drop food to him from her tray and snuggle with him on his bed.

She has the greatest laugh ever, and let's it out the loudest when you blow raspberries on her belly.

She is a total daddy's girl and will cry when Matt hands her over to me. And I love it. ;)

She is all about keeping up with Ryan and Natalie now and loves getting to play alongside them.

She loves climbing! Stairs, cabinets, ;) the little ledge in and out of our pool. When we're all swimming together, one of us sits near Emily and let's her go up and down the little step into the water over and over again. She's been practicing going backwards to get down and is getting really good at it!

She has the sweetest temperament and lights up when she sees her people.

She goes with the flow and sneaks in naps and then wakes up happy when the day's schedule is full.

She gets so excited about birds and other animals and usually flaps her arms and legs and gives that big, open-mouth smile.

We couldn't love her more and cannot wait to watch her grow!

Happy first birthday, Emily!


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