Thursday, March 9, 2017

Life Lately- It's a GIRL!

In case you missed my post on Instagram, our third little baby is a GIRL!

We asked Ryan and Natalie if they could show their excitement over meeting their baby sister in June, and this is what we got- hah! Their faces pretty much sum up the reactions we get from other people when we tell them we're expecting a third this soon.

Needless to say, we can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl!!

We ate brunch at Mimi's house after church on Sunday. Ryan and Riley are 4 months apart and have been quite the pair lately. They are so cute together and get so excited to see each other. Ryan pronounces Riley's name, "Why-we." Presh.

And this little snapshot somes up their personalities- Riley in the driver's seat with one hand on the wheel posing for the picture (while the car is moving), and Ryan in the passenger's seat with both hands on the top for added safety. Hahah- love these two so much!

I remember feeling this way with Ryan before Natalie was born, but I have been extra aware of the time I have with these two lately. I have been soaking up the days we have where there are no plans with other people and we have nowhere we have to be. I really love this stage with little ones where we can wake up and decide what we want the day to look like. This day was spent at the mall, going to the Disney store, and other fun little spots Ryan likes to visit while we're there.

In the last week, Natalie has started really playing with us on the playgrounds! She used to watch us from the stroller but now she is all in on the action! She likes crawling up all of the steps and sliding down with us. It will be even more fun when she's able to walk her way to the top!

And this big boy in the last week has been seeking out new friends on the playground. Even as we're walking or driving to the park he'll start talking about the big kids or little kids he might meet. And while it makes me so happy that he's growing up and wanting to branch out and play with other kids, the mama- (and pregnant)- side of me feels a little emotional about it! It really is like a flip switched just this week where "just" playing with me and Nonni was not as fun as finding some other friends to run around with. Honestly so sweet and exactly what we want for him, but those growing-up moments are bitter-sweet ones for sure!

This little stinker. :) We typically keep Tally's food and water bowls on the counter, but on this particular morning, I walked into the play room off of the kitchen to put something away, and in the maybe 10 seconds that I was gone, she bee-lined it to the water bowl, dumped out the contents, and had this wide grin on her face when I walked back in. She is a mess!

Post playground one evening- Ryan decided to bring his blanket into the bathroom and rest a minute before getting in the tub- ha!

Hanging around with cousins after church :)

You can barely see Matt in this pic, but this past week was a big one for us! Our first round of furniture was delivered, and we found lamps, pillows, and an outdoor table and chairs to put by the pool at Homegoods! Matt's mom found some things too, so the two of them rented a HD truck and got everything delivered to each of our houses on Sunday. Things are really starting to come together!!

Matt took this picture before he left for work one morning- I was trying to finish up a workout before Natalie woke up while petting Tally and playing ride-the-horsey with Ryan. hahah, oh #momlife. ;)

Ryan and I have a weekly routine when Natalie's goes down for her morning nap where I have coffee, he has "milky" and we watch the Kids Baking Championship. This week was the finale and it was so cute to see how excited Ryan got about who won! He now wants to be on the show one day. Little love.

On our way to meet daddy at the park after work, Ryan found his  "swoosh" hat, put it on and said, "Do you wike my hat?! Do I wook beautiful?!" He's been into saying people look beautiful or handsome lately and sometimes confuses the two. I love this age.

Teaching Ryan how to pump his legs so he can swing like the big kids :)

Date night!! And the nakey boy in the middle wanted to join for a picture before we left :)

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! Those pictures are so cute of the two of them!!

  2. Congratulations & yay another girl! Hope Ryan won't feel too left out being out numbered by his sisters as he gets older but I'm sure Natalie will love having a sister to play with!