Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites


Ryan has recently started asking Matt when he gets home from work, "Daddy, is it one more day and then it's the weekend?" (even if it's a Monday- sweet buddy)

Sometimes I think Ryan would like for me to go sell buildings and have his daddy stay at home all day. And there are some days where I feel the same way! ;)

But here we are- we've made it to the weekend!

Today I wanted to share a few of my recent favorites with y'all that unintentionally all center around books/reading.

The Easter Story Egg (found here)

We bought this from The Story Shop that I posted about on Instagram last week and it is the neatest book! You read one page each day of the week leading up to Easter and it walks through the Easter story with each egg matching a different day/page of the book. We've read through the whole book several times already, taking a different egg out for each page we turn, and then we'll follow the plan and read one page each day leading up to Easter Sunday. Ryan has loved it. And although we haven't talked a whole lot about Jesus's death on the cross and resurrection, he doesn't seem to dwell on the heavier parts of the story. And he's definitely one to ask questions if this helps you determine what's best for your own kids.

Last year, at 20 months, we told Ryan that Easter was about Jesus, the Cross, and the Easter Bunny. This year we're introducing more of the actual story of Easter, but are still wanting to be aware of his questioning mind and not really wanting to have conversations about death or people intentionally causing harm to others outside of the story of Jesus' death on the cross. So I tread lightly when it comes to sharing the full story of Easter at his age!

Has anyone used the Resurrection Eggs with your kids? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

Present Over Perfect 
(found here)

I am on Part 4 of this 6-part book and cannot say enough good things about it. It's so good for every stage of life, but I'm thankful it was given to me now before we've even entered the beginning of set schedules determined by other people (school, sports, etc.). If there's one thing I want to look back on and know that Matt and I have been intentional about when it comes to raising our family, it's this. 

It is a quick read and such a good and needed reminder. Unless you're an empty-nester with little on your to-do list, this book needs to be next on your list to read!


A friend of mine sent me this article (found here) that made me tear up and also made me ever so thankful for the tougher moments of raising toddlers. I imagine my heart will be constantly praying away fear and worry when our babies are teens! Needless to say, this article is so great to read even if you aren't in the teen stages yet.

Shutterfly photo book (free book for new customers) click here

I have made 13 Shutterfly books over the years and have paid only shipping for most of them. Once you create an account and make your first book, you'll receive promotional emails throughout the year offering free products where you only have to pay shipping. I want to say the free 8x8 photo book offer (which is the size I always make) comes 3 times/year.

These are the four most recent ones I've made (sorry for the picture quality- it's early and our house is dark).

But if you've never made one, this link should let you create your first one for free! (That's what they told me anyway) ;)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

We have tennis in the morning and a 2-year old birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and then Matt and I are going on a day date after church on Sunday!! Insert all the praise hands and party emoticons here.


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