Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ten on the 10th: Ten Things I'm Eyeing For Fall

Fall is my favorite season by far. I love the cool air, the changing leaves, college football, road trips to the mountains... and did I mention changing leaves?!

This month, I thought it would be fun to share a list of things I'm eyeing for the Fall. Since my birthday is at the end of this month and Christmas is just a few months after, I usually put together a little list of ideas for Matt to peruse in his own time ;) and/or share with family members who may be asking for gift ideas.

BUT, before I get to that, I had to share that Shutterfly is offering a FREE 8x8 book through 9/16!
This is the size I always make. It's the perfect size for fitting all your memories.
Use code FREETREAT at checkout.
I will definitely taking advantage of this and getting one of the books I make this month for FREE!

You can also get a FREE 16x20 print, collage or $10 off your order with promo code SWEETCHOICE.

I love getting things for free!

A girl just can't have too many MK watches I don't think. I am not a huge jewelry person, as in I think I'm pretty simple and have fairly inexpensive taste in what jewels I wear, but a watch? A watch I can totally justify spending more on. After all, it's worn everyday and for years! Well this one that I found is actually pretty inexpensive in the world of MK watches (on sale right now for $124.95!), and I think it's a fun casual alternative to the dressier ones I have. 

Don't you love that I just mentioned my inexpensive taste in jewelry and then added a Tory Burch bracelet to my list? Ooops. I don't know what it is exactly, but I just really love this bracelet! Let's just pretend like it's not stupid expensive for what it is, k?

Did you know J. Crew Factory has an online store? (And so does BR by the way) They are always having huge sales and offering free shipping. In fact, this past weekend, everything was 50% off with free shipping! They usually do the same sale again around Thanksgiving. Anyway, I spotted this vest and loved it! Perfect for Fall. It comes in 4 other colors as well.

This shirt I spotted when Matt and I were shopping a few weekends ago and loved it! So fun and comfy for Fall. I bought it that day and think it will be really cute with a puffer vest thrown over it for the colder days... maybe even the one above?!


Oh coats. I love a good coat. I'm really not super huge into clothes in general, but I get giddy about a nice new coat. It's quite possibly my favorite accessory. And this one. You can't not love it, right?! I mean look at this coat and tell me you don't see Olivia Pope (Scandal starting back up is another reason to love Fall by the way). Add a cute little Prada bag to go along with it, and I will basically be her... with a few minor differences. It also comes in 3 other colors, but I love this beige- which happens to be called "Heather Stone"- so it's kind of made for me.

T.J. Maxx Booties
left // right
While I'm sharing my timing saving / money saving shopping tips, did you know that T.J. Maxx has an online store too?! I love shopping at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, but in this stage of life, I love shopping online even more, so now I can still get their great prices without leaving the house!

I'm usually a good 2-3 years behind the fashion trends (this is not an exaggeration), so I think I'm ready to try out the whole bootie thing this Fall. But I kind of have an issue with spending a lot of money on shoes, so I love that these two neutral colored booties are only $24.99! I like those ones on the right especially- they're kind of fun and different right?!

Oh how I love a good pair of sweats. I have a tendency to wear Matt's during the colder months, which I roll like four times so they will stay up, so I take the sexiness of sweatpants to a whole new level. I thought it might be good for me (and for Matt) to invest in a cuter pair that are my size, and figured some cute Clemson ones were perfect for football season. Aren't these fun?!


SKECHERS Performance Go Walk 3

I will admit- this is a little out there for me. They're a little bright, and a little not in my fashion wheel house, but I've read so many great reviews about these shoes and looove for my feet to feel comfortable, which apparently these really are. I want a pair of shoes that I can where when we're doing a lot of walking but will look extra nerdy wearing my tennis shoes, like with jeans, let's say (I assure you I have done this). So these shoes I think are going to fit the bill for those days. And I actually think the bright color is fun! You can check out the other color options here.

My coffee time is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love the early morning hours when I'm having my quiet time and getting a few things done before Ryan wakes up. This may be strange, but I'm kind of choosy about the mugs I use on a particular morning. Like I will take out three mugs to get to the one I feel like drinking out of that morning. So I think a fun family photo mug would be a great addition to my little collection. :)

Gold Bar Necklace
I have been wanting a gold bar necklace with our anniversary on it since... well, since being obsessed with Claire's from Bachelor in Paradise last season. Anyway, there are so many different places to buy them, but I really like this Etsy shop the best. They sell tons of different items, have great reviews, and a number of ways to personalize each piece.

That's what I have my eye on! What are y'all eyeing this Fall?! 

Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. I love so many things about this post!!! First, I'm going to make a photo book, I need that gold bar necklace and your Scandal reference had me cracking up!!!! Ha! Have a great day!

  2. Loft Outlet has pretty much the same navy quilted vest and for a lot cheaper!

  3. Fall is my favorite too! So many great things to get excited for with fall approaching!

  4. Fall is my favorite too! So many great things to get excited for with fall approaching!

  5. Yay fall1 And hip hooray for Clemson! Get it Tigers!