Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Weekend for Celebrating

Have I mentioned how much we love having family close by?! This past Saturday, Matt and I drove to Social Circle, GA to celebrate his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and then went to over to my mom's house in Monroe for four family birthday celebrations. It was quite full and fun day!

Muggie and Papa's 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The happy couple... such a sweet example of love

Giving Kisses :)

Jackson showing where his cheeks are!

Oh Jay... :)

Mom's House for the Birthday Celebrations

Making Play-Doh Easter Eggs! 

I love how Jennifer's face looks like she really wants whatever Wallis is opening. ...hmm, was it the lip gloss or the sparkly nail polish?!

Happy Birthday Brian, Jennifer, Wallis, and Kathryn!


  1. Perfect weekend!! I absolutely love spending time with family...theres nothing better!! Your family looks amazing. Just trough all these pictures, you can tell there is so much love and happiness. 60 years for Matt's grandparents...thats pure love right there. That is something to truly admire :)

  2. What a weekend of celebrations! I love that you are constantly surrounded with so much love, Heather!! Congratulations to Matt's grandparents! 60 years...incredible! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!! Xoxox

  3. LOVE family! And one of the best reasons we moved back home of course.
    60 years of love...that is awesome!
    BTW I loved your dinner while Matt had an event. I use to pick something up for myself before children when Brant would be out of town. Kinda FUN!
    Have a great hUMp day!

  4. Wow! What an awesome display of love. I love family gatherings, but a celebration of a 60 year marriage is absolutely amazing. Stopped by from doing you well link up. Blessing!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Family gathering are always precious. 60th anniversary is more awesome.

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I definitely have my moments where I miss living in GA.

  7. What a wonderful family! Looks like lots of fun. I am visiting from DYWW blog hop.


  8. Wow! Such beautiful pictures Heather. You all had a whale of a time. Heartiest Congratulations to your grandparents on celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. A great achievement! Happy Belated Birthday to Brian, Jennifer, Wallis and Kathryn. I wish you and Matt an enjoyable Easter.

  9. Beautiful photos Heather! May have to steal some of those for the blog... I didn't get any pics! So good to see y'all, only wish we had more time together!

  10. Oh, and I just saw your comment about the lip gloss & nail polish! Think I'll stick with the pasta & wine you gave me!! Thanks again!

  11. Love the pictures from Saturday. It was great getting to see the whole family again. I really can see that Mug and Papa are great examples of love. I can only pray that God gives me and Brent 60 years together :)

  12. You have a beautiful family! Wonderful blog you have here.