Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From Christmas to New Years

It's hard to believe another Christmas and NYE have come and gone already! Here are some pictures from all of the festivities.

Got the hair!

Maddox's gift from Ark Ark- a treasure box filled with treasures (love my sister!)

This is the first thing Maddox showed us when we got to my sister's- he told us to close our eyes and the then pulled out this mold of his thumb that he made at the dentist- HA! Funny what 4 year olds surprise you with. 

My dad is in town visiting and got to be with us on Christmas Day

Noah got a pogo stick for Christmas and is already up to 307 jumps in a row!
Noah and Maddox filled cavities on this poor guy for almost 2 hours- future dentists?! Love the concentration. :)
Sweet picture of Noah, but please notice Ark Ark and Seymour (Maddox's newest stuffed animal friend from my dad) in the background. This is where they sit during dinner so that Maddox can see them and they can see him.

He props them up like this all on his own so that their "vision" isn't blocked by the bars- HA!

On Sunday, Matt went to the Falcon's game with my sister, Jeremy, and Noah, while Maddox and I had a fun day together

We started off at IHOP
Then we went to mall where Maddox helped me look for some new boots. We took Ark Ark with us and each held a fin as we walked through the mall. If only I had a picture. :) Afterwards, we went and played with the puppies at Petland!

Then we had some lunch at Wendy's

And then saw Monster's Inc. in 3D! Seymour came along for the movie. :)

For Christmas, Matt's parents surprised us with tickets to the Chick-Fil-A bowl between Clemson and LSU! It was SUCH a good game! We had a field goal with seconds left to go up by one for the win!


  1. So glad you made it to the game! Finally a good outcome at the Chick fil A Bowl! Go Tigers!

  2. Oh i so wish we were there for the game!! miss you!!!! now move here. k thanks

  3. there is serioiusly too much cuteness on this post between Jackson's sweet cheeks and Maddox with his Ark Ark and Seymour. So wish there was a picture of the two of you holding Ark Ark by his fins. Did ya'll count to three and swing him too? :) ..and Mea, you must move here. k :)

  4. what a very MERRY christmas you and your family had!! i always love looking at your photos - we definitely share a love for making sure to get snap happy. :)
    your red shirt and blue necklace are beautiful on you!! your nephews are so lucky - you're always showing them the most fun times!!
    i hope the first few days of 2013 have been good to you and matt. <3<3<3

  5. What a fun Christmas. Oh my, that little baby boy is just the most precious thing. I could love on him all day long!

    As usual, always fun times with your family around!