Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome Teagan Leigh McGuire!

Little miss Teagan Leigh McGuire was born on Thursday, July 12th at 12:29pm! Andrea and Patrick, and all of Teagan's family (even her fake aunts and uncles ;)) are in love! She weighed in at 8lbs, 21in, and was born with more hair than most one-year-olds. She is beautiful!!

Roommates / Mom with Teagan's fake aunts :)

Aunt Steph

Proud parents :)

Daddy McGuire!

Aunt Mea

Playing peek-a-boo :) 
On Sunday, we brought dinner over to Andrea and Patrick's house. While we ate, Teagan slept in her nap nanny. After dinner, "Uncle Matt" got some snuggle time with her. :)

MAN he looks good with a baby! ;)

Happy new family waving goodbye! And yes, Andrea had that baby- she looks amazing!


  1. Adorable!!! Congrats to them, she's sooo cute :) Love all her hair! My kids both had hair like that (my son actually had more believe it or not :S...lol) and I think it's so adorable :)

  2. She DOES look amazing! Congratulations to Andrea! Beautiful baby!

  3. congratulations to your friend! she looks great and omygoodness, teagan is beautiful...love all her hair! that shot you got of them at the door is definitely a framer!
    so glad you're having a wonderful summer, heather! <3
    have a great thursday!

  4. What a precious baby! Congrats to them! :)