Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I can hardly believe my sweet nephew, Noah, is seven years old now. He is growing up WAY to fast for me! For his birthday, we took him to Legoland and had a sleepover at our house. We had a blast!

We gave him this flyer in his birthday card (don't be confused, we call him Petey, which is an odd nickname for Noah, yes... but at some point it stuck ;)), along with $25 for him to spend at Legoland. He is such a sweet, appreciative kid, and was so excited when he read this!

We started at Wendy's- his request. ;)

On our way!

Scoping out the map ;)

Figuring out how much he weighs and how tall he is in Legos. :)

The city of Atlanta made out of Legos- this was seriously cool! ha.

Sweet boy :)

Not gonna miss out on the fun!

We gave Noah the option of spending his $25 at the Legoland shop, or going to Target where he could most likely get more for his money. After looking around for a little while, he decided to get this engraved Legoland penny and spend the rest of his money at Target. :)

After Target, we made our way to Menchie's for some frozen yogurt!

Noah filled his cup a little and said: "I should probably stop there, right?"
Me: "Buddy I think you should fill it with as much as you think you can eat! It's a special occasion!"
Noah: "Okay!"
He finishes filling his cup and says, "I should probably just get one topping then, right?"
Me: "No! I think you should get whatever toppings are your favorites!"
Noah: "Okay!" with that cute little head-bod and big smile he does when he's excited. ;)

And then the classic... right after this picture, he said, "We're gonna need to brush my teeth real good when we get home." 
LOVE him!

Getting ready to play with the toy he picked out from Target before bed. :)

Rise and shine! Time for some Mickey Mouse Waffles!

Bruster's Ice-Cream Party later that day!


  1. he is one lucky guy to have such an awesome aunt and uncle! what a super fun day you shared! i love all the photos...the one of you two in the glasses is so cute!
    we have bruster's here too! :)
    beautiful as always, heather!
    maria <3

  2. You guys are the best aunt and uncle in the world. I love making memories with my nieces and nephews.