Thursday, June 21, 2012

Noah's 7th Birthday, Father's Day, and White Water!

There are more cruise posts to come, but yesterday my sweet nephew, Noah, turned SEVEN! Seven! That is not a little-boy age anymore!

I went over to his house in the afternoon for some pool time with my him, my sister, my mom, and Maddox. Then Matt, Jeremy, and Papa joined us after work for a family dinner, games, cake, and presents.

Since Matt and I were getting back from the cruise on Father's Day, we celebrated with Charles last night too. It was a fun-filled day!

Light-up cups from the cruise!

The birthday boy!!!

Could that hair be any cuter?!

Noah's Portugal poster that he made with Nonna for soccer camp! (And Maddox with his Clifford) ;)

Pool time!


Papa wins!

Uncle Matt's here!!


Nonna and Papa, Noah and Maddox

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

Family pic- Jeremy has trouble taking a normal picture. haha

Present time!

Tomorrow, Matt and I are taking Noah to Legoland by our house, and then we're going to have a sleepover! Sweet buddy has his birthday party Saturday, so between the family celebration, White Water, Legoland, and his Bruster's Ice Cream Party, I'd say he is having a seriously good start to his 7th year! In fact, can't say that I wouldn't mind the same sort of week-long celebration to my 28th year- Ha!

LOVE this picture. Nonna and Papa gave a super sweet monetary gift (if you will ;) ) that Noah got SO excited about. Maddox is looking in the background trying to figure out what the big deal is. Presh.


Love Maddox's face in this pic!

Seven- I still can't believe it

Time to celebrate Papa! 
My mom and Charles met around the time when Matt and I started dating in high school. He has been such a sweet blessing and addition to our family. So much so that I feel like he's been there our whole lives, and not just the last 10-11 years. He has been so involved from day one and has loved us like his own kids. We love you, Papa!

Today, we kept the celebration going with a trip to White Water! Mom, my sister, and the boys have season passes, so they treated me with one of their freebie passes. What a fun day!

One person was not ready for this picture, can you guess who?! :)

Best brothers!

Lunch time back at the car before heading back for round two! Have I mentioned before how much I love these boys?!


  1. Your nephews are SO handsome!! And your husband and BIL look alike.

    Looks like lots of fun!!

  2. Can I just say you are the best Aunt ever! I have a 7yr old and getting that birthday present would be his dream come true! What a fun week with your nephews!!

    Following you back from the Mingle Blog Hop. Thanks so much for stopping by and following.

  3. Hope you had so much fun on your vacation - will read those posts too! His face when he learned about legoland was spectacular! How precious. What an awesome Aunt they have.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Heather, your nephews are adorable and look like such sweethearts! What an amazing celebration you all shared together...I'm with ya on the week long birthday celebrations! :) that's the way to do it!
    Your gift to him was so sweet! What an awesome aunt and uncle he has!
    Such fun pictures at the water're so cute in your bikini!
    I'm glad your summer is off to a wonderful start!!