Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cruise Day 3: Turkey!

On our third day, we docked in Kusadasi, Turkey. From there, we took a taxi into Ephesus with three other friends that we met at breakfast the day before. Amos was from Australia, and the other two people, Clarence and Kathy, were surprisingly from Smyrna, which is 15 minutes from our house!


The start of our tour through Ephesus

Matt and Amos, and the friendly kitten that was searching in Amos's bag

This column to the right is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is called the Sanctuary of Ephesos.

From there, our cab driver took us to a carpet-making business where they make their own silk for the rugs. This guy is making silk from silk worms. So neat to see!

Matt, Clarence, Kathy, and the owner's cute dog

Matt and Amos

Turkish coffee! VERRRY strong, but surprisingly good!

Picking out our favorites. :) At roughly $5,000 for a small rug, we decided to pass this trip. ;)

Next, we went to a leather-making factory and then a jewelry store. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the jewelry store, but in both places, the owners/workers kept "dressing me up", I guess assuming that because we were Americans we had a lot of money?! I was wearing $20,000 in jewels at one point! Matt played along and said we would be visiting another jeweler and would be back once we made our final decisions. Haha... it was fun to pretend!

Oh boy- my favorite Louis Vuitton pattern- I actually got a little tempted at this point. :)

And more dress up- he wanted to show me a jacket/Louis Vuitton combo that he recommended. ha- I felt like Pretty Woman, minus the backstory.

And now the sales pitch for the jacket and bag combo, just a tad bit out of my range.

Lunch back in Kusadasi at a well-known local Kabobs place. Matt kept asking the locals where the best kabobs were because he had read that you had to try kabobs in Turkey. A number of people pointed us in the direction of this place. I tried everything and actually liked everything I ate! If you know me, you know this is very shocking- the trying for starters, and the liking especially. :)

This is a combination of lamb, steak, and turkey I think. Maybe sausage too? I forget- but it was very tastey! I'm still impressed with myself if you couldn't tell. ;)

The parade of waiters during dinner

The end of another day...


  1. Amazing pictures! The last picture summed it all up...perfect!

  2. you had me oo'ing and ahh'ing and smiling and laughing with this post. first of all, you know this crazy cat lady loved the sweet turkish kitten. ;) what a sweetheart!
    and i was dying at the photos of you in the store where they dressed you up. those jackets are SOO cute on you!! steve always pulls the "we'll be back!" line and i think, oh no, no we won't. lol
    i'm so glad you had a great time!!

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  4. Seems like you had a nice trip.
    Nice post.