Friday, May 25, 2012

Cait and Chris's Gender Reveal Party

Last night we went to a Gender Reveal Party for our friends Caitlyn and Chris. Matt and I went to high school with Cait, so we have been friends for quite a few years. She is due in October and is just barely showing- she is too cute! And as you'll see in the pictures, she is also really creative. As someone who is lacking in the creativity department, I have crazy jealously respect for people who can come up with cute party ideas! (On that note, to all of the people who told me how cute they thought last weekend's shower was- thank you, but I played zero part in the creativity side of things- all of that credit goes to Steph, Meagan... and my mom who made the booties). :)

ANYway... on to the pictures! My phone did not come through for me too well, so please excuse the possessed look in our eyes in some of the shots. :)

What's it gonna be?!

Make your prediction!

It's a GIRL!

Congratulations, Cait and Chris! We're so excited for you guys!!!


  1. Awww what a neat idea to reveal the gender!! Congrats to them on their baby girl that will bless their lives in October :) I absolutely love the idea of the cake revealing the "pink" colour...too cute!!

    P.S. I'm jealous of how creative some ppl are as well!! Especially with parties :)

  2. What a cute party! Congrats to your friends!

  3. I always love seeing couple's reactions when they see the color of the cake. So cute!
    I loved the party and all the cute decor...that wreath is adorable!
    Love your bright n' summery outfit.
    Hope you and Matt had a sweet weekend.

  4. Fun party. Great decorations too.