Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet Jackson...

Here it is! The post I promised a week ago! I'm not quite sure how the week flew by that fast, but our sweet little nephew is already 10 days old. He is absolutely precious. Here are some pictures from the hospital the day he was born, and then from his first full day at home. He is such a little angel.

Proud uncle. :)

Papa and Emmie- but since he's the first grand-baby, he may come up with different names! :)

Daddy-son time :)

Last weekend, we brought Karen and Jay lasagna and had dinner with them while 'lil Jackson relaxed in the Mamaroo!

I came over in my Matt's sweats, and Jay told me and Karen we looked like thugs. So we played the part:

Haha. . .  or tried to anyway.

Melt. Love this.
They're both watching the Braves, and stayed like this for close to 45 minutes. Looks like he's a fan already! :)

Looking a little less thuggish. :)


  1. AWWW!!! What a cutie he is! Love the pictures and congrats again on the nephew :) You guys look like naturals holding him...hehe ;) Btw, the new momma looks awesome for just having a baby!! :) Enjoy your weekend Heather!


  2. Hes gorgeous!! Dont you wish that Mamaroo came in adult sizes? I would fall asleep instantly!

  3. your nephew is beautiful! congratulations, aunt heather :)
    you took so many gorgeous photos full of so much love!!
    i loved the "mommy's sippy cup" wine glass...oh, that is too cute.
    and the both of you look like the 2prettiest thugs i've ever seen :)

    happy weekend!
    thank you so much for all your sweet words!

  4. What cute pictures, congrats on becoming an aunt

  5. So adorable! ALMOST makes me want another :)

  6. Talk about seeing beautiful, wow! There's not much better than capturing the expression of adults seeing a new family member for the very first time. The love shared is visibly moving. I had chills through every picture (well, until I got to the thug pictures which made me laugh out loud). It was a nice shift in perspective. Thanks for keeping us guessing!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. Awww...congrats! He is so precious! I love the picture of him watching the game and the mommy's sippy cup, too cute! :)

  8. Mommy's sippy cup had me in hysterics!

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