Sunday, May 8, 2011

Starting Somewhere...

Matt and I have laughed about how our backyard is the perfect "before picture" for an HGTV yard makeover show. As a non-HGTV watcher (I know, shocking to all females reading this)... I didn't know if they had such a show.  So I looked. After realizing I didn't have the patience to wait for a chance for a show to come to our area AND the chance that we would actually get picked, we decided to start making a plan of our own. The saying, "You gotta start somewhere", was our motto.  SO here's our fabulous before pictures (can't you see the potential?!) :)

So with a blower, a mower, a shovel, and a trip to Home Depot, we got started.  First we moved the three gardenia's that were along the side of the house, to the side of the garage so that they could get more sun and hopefully start growing again.

Original location

New location 

Much better!

Matt mowing the backyard

Then we planted encore azaleas in the old spot by the house- much more durable plants that need little sunlight.  Hopefully they'll bloom soon! You can also see the difference after Matt blew all of the leaves and cleaned off the driveway... much cleaner!

We pulled a few slate pieces from the yard (they'll all eventually be relocated for a path... for now they make a random stone area in the middle of the backyard) and made a short path up to the storage closet. 

This big pretty bush started growing under the gutter, so we divided it into thirds and replanted it here! 

The driveway after Matt blew the leaves and laid pine straw along the wall- so clean!

There is MUCH more to do, but I think it's looking better already! Next will be some pressure washing, painting, and planting... stay tuned!


  1. it looks awesome.. that's a perfect motto for us too... we went almost 8 months without having a complete set of appliances in our house! we did it all little by little startin our home was a foreclosure and came with NOTHING! We started with the fridge and went from there! your yard looks great so far!

  2. That looks so great!! I can't wait to see it when all of the flowers bloom! And I love the new blog design :)