Sunday, May 15, 2011

Neighborhood Party

Last Thursday, Matt and I went to our first neighborhood party!  The ironic part of it all is that we didn't even realize when we bought the house that it was a part of a neighborhood. While we were doing renovations, we received an invitation to a block party and learned the name of our neighborhood through the invitation. So we assumed that our little neighborhood was our street and the one behind ours, which has similar bungalow-type houses.

WELL! ...This little party we went to last week was on a street near us that is full of quite large, fancy, houses. If fact, the host house was exactly that- quite large, and quite fancy.  They had a four-piece mariachi band, a mexican catered meal, bar tenders making fun mexican-themed drinks, and valet parking.  It was like a wedding reception!  haha, we were laughing to ourselves as we walked in, finding it hilarious that we were invited to such a fancy party... and even more hilarious that our sweet little house was considered a part of the same neighborhood as this fancy one!

I so wish I could have taken more pictures, but I did sneak a few! The rest of the time, we pretended like we were used to going to parties like this one. ;)

 This was the "shed" in one part of the back yard.

 This was one of the gardens... the only one we were ever in by ourselves, so I got to sneak a pic!

And since I couldn't get a picture of the mariachi band, I thought I would give you the vision:


We met so many nice people and had such a great time!  We were definitely the youngest couple there, and had quite a few people come up to us and say that they loved seeing young people in the area.  ha!  We felt very welcomed and are excited about our new neighborhood! :)

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