Thursday, July 27, 2017

Emily Merritt- One Month

Our sweet Emily turned one month last week!

One Month Stats:
9lbs 3oz

She is already in a good eating and sleeping routine. She spreads out her feeds during the day and has already given us long stretches at night (hallelujah!). She loves to snuggle and prefers to lay on either Matt's or my chest after her last feed and before she goes down for the night. We love that sweet time with her!

Just like her sister, she was not a big fan of the bath the first couple of times, but now she seems to really enjoy it!

She is pretty much always getting attention in our house- Ryan and Natalie love to love on her. :)

She loves to be snuggled or worn when she is transitioning to a nap, but will sometimes put herself to sleep if she's laying in her Nap Nanny or crib. She seems to be okay with her carseat once she's asleep, but doesn't love falling asleep in it- probably because she likes that snuggle time before a nap!  Girlfriend is crushing her nighttime sleep though, so I am happy to snuggle and/or wear her during the day!

We cannot tell yet who she looks like yet. Her eyes seem to be bluer like Ryan's were as a baby, and her skin also seems to be lighter like his, but some of her features, like her nose and mouth, remind us of Natalie. It will be fun to see how she changes in the next few months and see who she ends up resembling more, or if she'll have her own look all together!

Here are a few more pictures from her first month:

We love you, sweet Emily and can't wait to watch you grow!


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