Friday, February 17, 2017

Natalie Grace- ONE

Natalie Grace, if every baby were as sweet, smiley, and easy-going as you, we would never stop growing our family!

You have brought SO much joy to our last 365 days. Watching you grow and get to know your family has been my favorite part of your first year of life. Watching the way that you look at your daddy, your brother, and Tally 😂 will never get old.

You are spunky, full of funny faces, and can already hold your own.

You are FAST. You inspire a different level of baby proofing, yet already seem to understand the things you're not supposed to do. Right before you're about to dump Tally's water bowl or attempt to eat his food, you stop and look at me with the biggest grin. You're a stinker and we love it.

When you wake up, we'll celebrate you with the traditional birthday breakfast of Mickey Mouse Waffles and then let you open your two gifts! We got you the Melissa & Doug cookie set because you love putting things in your mouth and these are certainly large enough for that ;) and a new book by one of my favorite authors, Nancy Tillman, You're Here for a Reason, because we never want you to forget that you were created for a purpose and are loved just the way you are.

Celebrating you today will be a highlight for all of us- maybe most especially your brother, who has adored you since before you were born.

We love you, Natalie Grace! Thank you for making our family even more complete than it already was. You sure are special.

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12 Month Stats:
20lbs 8oz.

Pictures from the last month:

Music class!

First haircut and first time climbing the stairs

Before and after for her first haircut 😜

First trip playing at Ikea

First trip to the pet store!

First donut!

Birthday Eve dinner at Chick-Fil-A 😊💗🎀



  1. Happy birthday to sweet & adorable Natalie! I can't believe this cutie is one already, she is too cute for her own good!

  2. I love her expressions. She is too sweet!