Monday, January 30, 2017

10-Minute Butternut Squash Souffle

When Ryan was a baby, I experimented with all sorts of new veggie recipes to expand his little taste buds (and ours). With Natalie, up until recently, she has preferred mashed or pureed food, so I had to get a little more creative with the veggies I introduced to her. Well as it turns out, Matt and I both liked this recipe as well, so this turned into a simple side for the whole family.

The recipe as written below serves 2-3 adults (about 1-1.5 cups prepared), so I would double it if your serving more people or are extra hungry for some butternut squash.

Hope you and your family enjoy!

12oz. pre-cut butternut squash (I buy Trader Joe's- it looks like this)
2T butter
1/4 cup milk (I use skim, but any milk will do)
Lemon Pepper Seasoning to taste (looks like this)

Cut slit in side of bag and microwave for 5 minutes. If the brand you buy is not microwavable in the bag, remove from bag, place in a bowl and cover before microwaving. Melt butter in pan. Add butternut squash and milk. Mash with a potato masher until all large chunks are mashed. Add lemon pepper seasoning to taste (I use about 1/2tsp or less).



  1. I just started roasting butternut squash for side dishes, this would be a super fun change up. Thanks!

  2. This looks great! I am all about some butternut squash as a side dish.

  3. This sounds so good and easy! What a great idea for a side dish! Thanks sor sharing.