Thursday, February 4, 2016

18 Months

This big boy gets sweeter every month.

We found out at his doctor's appointment this week that he is 29lbs, 12oz and in the 95% for height and weight. It's no wonder I'm feeling like his little sister will be making her appearance early- she's been holding up a lot of extra weight these days!

He loves his daddy and gets so excited to make "shakes" with him in the morning and do workouts with him at night. He is his little shadow and I love it.

He has become more snuggly and even more independent this month, which has made us appreciate the sweet snuggles even more. ;) He's learning how to use his words, to ask for help when he's having trouble doing something on his own, and how to handle the words "no," "last time," or "all done." But let's be honest, I would say hearing "no" is a super hard lesson at 1, seeing as how I still struggle with it at 31. ;)

It breaks our hearts to see his feelings get hurt when we say that can't make 37 "shakes" in one day- poor guy would open up a smoothie stand in our driveway for a chance to press those buttons on the blender and put straws in cups for all the neighbors.

He LOVES reading to his little friends in his crib- Mickey, Tiger, Lamby, Baby, Bear, and Little Bear. Mickey is his favorite- I think because he is the biggest and can give his hands "high fives" when Mickey finds whatever they're looking for in his books. Watching him read and sing and interact with his "friends" on the monitor is one of my favorite nap time activities. :)

Our favorite new phrase is "I Wuv You" which is usually said with a big grin or hug. Melt. Aside from that, he is repeating everything we say these days and makes some good attempts at stringing multiple words together. Watching him figure out language is so fun.

He will talk about his baby sister, give her hugs and kisses, and say her name when he pats my belly. This boy is going to be one sweet big brother!

Chats and pyramids with daddy
Pizza night with Mimi and Papa!

Visiting daddy and the velvet hammer at work. :)
Mall walking

Reading to Mickey and Tal Tal
"Heh-wo?" Anything can be a phone for this buddy.

Target and Thomas the Train

Reading in his baby sister's glider while I organize her room

Setting the table for dinner (i.e. carrying every tupperware from the drawer to the table while I finish cooking) ;)

Basket rides with daddy after work!

That little bottom up  in the air... sweetness

Hugs and kisses for Tal Tal

My big boy sitting on his little sister :)

Watching church with Tal one Sunday morning

Bundling up for a cold walk with daddy: the before...
...and the after :)
My buddy and me on National Championship day

Snuggles with Mimi on her birthday!
And books with Aunt KK :)

Open Gym! One of his favorite places to go and talk about
Jumping in the pit from the trampoline with Nonna by his side :)

Hippo Hop with his buddy Cade!

And snuggles with his buddy Reynolds :)

Just a boy and his Italian bread crumbs and coffee- with a pup who follows his around all day :)

All in for some hand washing

This boy loves his Papa!

Reading with one of his favorite girls :)

Love this pic of these three boys snuggling and watching sound Sound of Music :)

Snow Day!
A little unsure about the sled- sweet guy
We were on our way to visit Aunt Dre and Reynolds and I asked if he wanted to close his eyes until we got there because he was so tired. This is what he did. :)

Hugs for Tal Tal :)

We are so thankful for the 18 months we've be given with this amazing boy and know that it will only continue to get sweeter and more fun as he grows up! This next month will be a big one for him as he becomes a big brother and meets his sister for the first time. It's cool to think that he will never know life without her. We can't wait to see what God has in store for the two of them!


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