Monday, October 29, 2012

Week in Review

On Tuesday, our sweet friends, Caitlyn and Chris, became parents to the most precious little girl- Evie Claire Joiner :)

On Thursday, Matt and I got to attend an event at the new Sub-Zero Wolf Showroom thanks to a little luck and a Buckhaven Magazine sweepstakes!

On Friday, we had a date night at Cinebistro in Brookhaven and saw Argo. I highly recommend it!

On Saturday, we watched our sweet nephews, Noah and Maddox, while my sister and Jeremy headed to a Halloween party. We ate pizza and popcorn and watched Madagascar 3- another recommendation for sure. ;)

Both my sister and Jeremy and mom and Charles had costume parties on the same night. I for one was thrilled that we got to watch the boys and NOT go to a costume party... but I had to share these two pictures: "The Replacement Refs" and "Spaghetti and Meatballs". Awesome.

On Sunday, we took a short road trip up to Rome, GA with our friends Kemble and Ashley to visit another friend's new coffee shop that she opened 6 months ago. If Rome was not an hour away, I would be there EVERY day! It is SO so cute... I'm still so impressed by Ellie's vision and hard work. I see her and Dave on the Today show in the future talking about "how it all started"... :)

Swift & Finch- if you're ever in Rome, GA- GO!

And today- I started decorating for Fall. And about three minutes later, I finished. :) If it weren't for gifts from my school kiddos, that pumpkin is all you would see. I'm usually just a Christmas decorator- but I do like a little festivity for other seasons I suppose!

Hope you all are staying warm... it is officially FALL in Georgia! Here's to better luck waking up than I've had the last few days. A warm bed is just too inviting on cold mornings!


  1. Loving your Mum's costume:)


  2. What an awesome an fun-filled weekend!! Evie is so her name!! you have so many beautiful babies and children in your life! The costumes are great - love the spaghetti and meatballs - so cute!! And how neat that you friend opened up a coffee shop! Glad to see your fall is going great and officially feeling like it! :)
    Have a wonderful week, Heather!!

  3. Wow! Love your week in photos. Makes my week look dull. Lol Thanks so much for sharing. Bless you, jen

  4. Cute costumes! Love all of your fall decor! :)

  5. Cute baby, cute costumes, and cute nephews!