Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get Your FREE Canvas Today!

I know you've seen me mention Canvas People deals before, but I this time, I want to give you an example of what they can do. I love a good deal, and especially love the word FREE, so I took advantage of this deal a couple of months ago. Here is a picture the canvas that I received within a week of ordering (I did whatever the cheapest shipping option was and was pleased with how quickly it arrived).

Look good, right?! (The quality, not the picture of us. . . haha :) )

I only ordered an 8.5x11 because I felt weird having a huge picture of us hanging in our house, but when we have babies, I think an 11x14 or 16x20 of the kiddos or the whole family would be great to have on the walls!

Check them out today! And make sure your picture resolution is high so that is doesn't blow up grainy on the canvas. They will give you the little "!" warning sign if they think it won't look good enlarged. After you purchase yours, let me know what you think!

And I'll leave you with two other quick deals of what is currently on my mind. The first, because it's tax season- Woo. Hoo. :) The second, because you know I love to cook. 

Finish your weeks strong! Friday is right around the corner!! (I needed a little motivation myself) :)


  1. Beautiful picture. I just ordered one from Costco for my little guy's bday next week. I may have to try this and hope it arrives before next Saturday!

  2. Thanks for the FREE info!! I am going to order one. I love your canvas btw!

  3. I love yours! Thanks for posting this, I think canvas pictures so fun and pretty, but expensive...I'll have to go check this site things are always a bonus!!

  4. Found you just hopping around. Your blog is so cute. Love the cooking with your mom posts. My daughter is interested in Furman. We are hoping to visit soon. Did you go there or was it your husband? Happy weekend. Nice to meet you!
    :) jen