Friday, July 22, 2016

MAINE {Day 2}

(Day one here)

On our first full day, we walked to breakfast at Two Cats and then drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain where it felt like you could see all of Maine from one place. It was definitely a highlight from our trip! Ryan wanted to "hike" some by himself once we were up there, which is what gave Matt the idea to find a shorter trail for him to actually hike later in the week. Watching Ryan try to be so independent on this trip was so sweet and made us realize how big he is getting (he'll be two is less than one week!).

After exploring the top of the mountain (and Ryan jumping off almost every rock he found), we came back for a long afternoon nap, swam in the pool, and then headed to dinner at Stewman's. After dinner, we walked to ice cream at Mount Desert Ice Cream and explored the nearby park. It was a fun and FULL day!

Waiting on breakfast

Walking out to the top of Cadillac Mountain
Family pic success!
The views were incredible!
Ryan "hiking" all by himself. ;)
He turned around and gave us a thumbs up (always with his pointer finger)

"I wanna go up dare"

"Dare's a whale in dare. Let me check."

Two thumbs up for the top of Cadillac Mountain. :)

and more jumping... :)

We weren't even out of the parking lot to make our way back down the mountain before he fell asleep.

Since both kiddos fell asleep, Matt and I stopped at some of the view points and hopped out of our car to snap some quick pictures on the way down.

Milk and stories time before nap

Checking out the view from our balcony before switching rooms. Baby buns are the best. :)

Ryan loved exploring this restaurant. It was one of our favorite spots to eat and take in the views!
Buddy found himself a whale. :) ...We actually considered the whale watching tour until we found out it was 3.5 hours long and came with a high risk of sea sickness (we read one review that said almost everyone on their boat got sick- yuck!). We also read plenty of reviews from people who loved it, but it wasn't worth the risk for us! Plus, 3.5 hours is long for ME, and I'm not almost 2. ;)


While we were waiting for our dinner, Ryan and I found another pretend (huge) whale, but my selfie skills weren't good enough to get the whale in the pic.

Eating our ice cream in the park! Ryan is so his daddy- he took maybe three bites of his ice cream and said he was all done.
Passing Stewman's again on our walk home. Ryan is waving from his seat. :)

That's it for Day 2! 
Days 3 & 4 will be up on Monday and Tuesday of next week!


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  1. You are getting so many good frame worthy pictures! What gorgeous scenery! Love those jumping pictures too!