Friday, September 1, 2017

Emily Merritt- 2 Months

Two Month Stats:
10lbs 3oz
21 3/4in

Sweet Emily is 2 months old!

She is the snuggliest little love who is really starting to observe people and objects around her.

I love the way she moves her head like a little robot to look around when I hold her on my lap. And when she makes eye contact with one of us, she lets out the biggest smile that happens so fast. She gives a little smirk that's a sign that a smile is coming and then flashes her wide, happy smile and sometimes even gives a coo! Ryan just loves it, and Natalie gives the cutest smile right back when Emily smiles at her. :)

She is doing a great job with contented wake time and enjoys laying in her nap nanny and looking around. Occasionally she needs a little help transitioning from wake time to nap time, but overall, she is doing so well with her eat-wake-sleep routine and spreading out her feeds!

She is giving great stretches at night as well and has slept through the night several times already- sweet love! Some nights, I'll have to run into her room a few times to slip her the paci, but most of the time that's all she wants in order to fall back asleep. She seems to do her best all-night, uninterrupted stretches when she's swaddled in the miracle blanket, but I'm hesitant to use it every night because I don't want the swaddle-breaking process to be too hard on her! That's probably silly though because uninterrupted sleep (for both of us) is a beautiful thing! 

During wake time, she loves to look at the light above our kitchen table and any fans. Funny enough, she does not seem to be a big fan of the Mamaroo swing, which Ryan and Natalie both loved. 

She also loves her bath time, which Matt does with her most nights while I read to Ryan and Natalie. He loves that time with his littlest girl!

Here are a few pictures from her last month:

She's gotten so many snuggles with Aunt Gigi this month!
And sweet Noah- I love the way she is looking at him in this pic and the grin on his face. Such a big boy and sweet cousin!

First grocery run- coincidentally this was taken on the wine aisle. 😂

Snuggles with Sweet T!
When we were visiting my parents in Monroe, my niece Graham gave Emily her bottle...
...and Noah gave her her bath! Sweet girl has a lot of people who love to love on her!

Snuggles with her cousins :)
I had to set Emily down in the middle of the counter at Aunt KK's house while I helped make lunches, and she fell asleep!

She looks so different to me in every picture- here I see a lot of the Nelsen side and think she resembles her cousins, Jackson and Riley!

We're so glad she's ours! We love you, Emily!



  1. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how to use your wrap? Thanks